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2011-04-25 - 11:51 a.m.

I found a half completed piece and doubled its length adding some new sounds including a vocal clip - it s called Plank-X. I have mailed it to Gilbert. I went on to another piece based on some Minimoog recording I did earlier in the year. I don t yet know if this piece - Yeast - is finished or not. I watched the Beegees programmes and the Lowry one. I didnt mention on Saturday that one of the guitarists in k d lang's band was playing a Danelectro Baritone - a really rare guitar.

I tried the Bob Dylan playlist on GS - it is full of albums that I dont know but it also has all the tunes I do know - I played Oxford Town, Baby Can I Follow You Down and It s Allover Now Baby Blue. I started a conversation with Nahomey in Colombia.

Richard Chapman mailed to say I had won his guitar chord naming competition - all about an extended Fm chord - which was the right answer although I was coming round to thing of it as a G7 chord in fact. Gilbert sent three more tracks - which I mixed and they have ended up at the start of the playlist above.

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