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2011-04-18 - 5:34 p.m.

Achnad Ananda sent round a vid of his trio playing Giant Steps here:


I tried working through the Little One changes in E on the guitar rather than in the written key of F - but I can't say I cracked it. I did learn a new scale though - half diminished and half whole-tone - Charles Alexander explained it as Ab minor scale used over a G7 harmony - except the 5th has to be raised or lowered. Gilbert mailed to say that his copy of Sibelius has stopped working which means he can't record MIDI guitar until it is fixed. I tried a couple of new tunes but nothing much took yesterday. The bear was into Jazzanova today. I knocked out a simple ambient piece using the ALT scale and mailed it to Gilbert.

I dug around the manufacturing and competitiveness aspects of Europe 2020 and ended up creating an 8 page note. I think I will wait a bit before sending it off. There was also the issue of whether to go to an industrial debate at Cranfield which is a bit off the beaten track. Wendy mailed with an e-m address.

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