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2011-04-15 - 6:11 p.m.

One of my recent files won't play - I must have mis-set something in the mixer but I can't find what that is. Practically everything else plays round it like the Chopper. I have had to go to the backup which is a bit out of date. There have been some good messages from the video-artist in North Carolina. I have been enchanted by Feist's videos. I wonder she is called indie when the video productions are so smooth. I have a lot of Feist in my library but I am only hust sorting it out - eg by playing all the tracks from Let It Die. There is a remix album which follows this - Open Season. The Reminder is really the second album - but I have lots of other confusing bits and pieces in the library - at least 3 live albums - also one of Singles and Duplicates. Amidst all this material it is hard to put her into a single genre. There was a newsletter from Platonic Curry who are playing a club in Kilburn on Good Friday. I got my wrist slapped for promoting the tunepak in LFM - this poses a bit of a problem - where else I can I access a list of graded prospects . I have joined Youtube so that I can send messages to NC.I find that Twitter is taking over from Linkedin simply because it s easier to cut something down to tweet size.

I mailed a piece called Otherness to Gilbert which he seems to like. I also worked on something that I started yesterday - another quite fast piece - 145bpm - it might be finished now, I'll have to wait and see. I also cut back an abstract piece - Ztune. Achmad Anananda circulated a new composition - he s a hot guitarist from Indonesia


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