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2011-04-14 - 11:14 a.m.

One day our laughter comes floating on the rain. I have been having a J Martyn retrospective on GS. Also a bit of a Sundays-fest on Youtube. I looked at a piece called Otherness which I thought might do. Dick Jones mailed about lyrics and Peter Chatterton mailed about writing apps which I passed onto Derek. Yesterday I wrote some bits and pieces on the Industrial Policy project. I also played Amplified Heart - the first CD I have played in ages. Now JM is singing PW's Gives Us A Ring - which has Bev doing the 2nd line on the chorus very nicely. Jeffrey bought a cactus for the kitchen. It s mentioned in Electric Eden so it must be historic. Back Down My River maybe comes from the Tumbler which has a P A Wheeler poem as a note. It reminds me of the countryside around Lewes where I was at the weekend - I lived around there in 1973 I think. D Thompson plays bass both with JM and on Amplified Heart - in case anyone forgets. I won't be fancy but I will be free.I suggested to PAW that maybe One World could be the best album - he thought so too.

As Danny Thompson explained: "Someone who can write `You curl around me like a fern in the spring' - that's the man that is going to be missed, not the guy who is chucking beer all over you and poking you in the chest."

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