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2011-04-12 - 11:07 p.m.

A quieter day after all the excitement of my long weekend. I managed to make a couple more possible pieces out of the tracks Gilbert recorded at the weekend. Gilbert is thinking about adding some more lines to them - which will make an interesting change to our usual pattern of development. I started to mail out tunepaks and after a while the visits and plays started to react. Maybe this will be enough to lift us off the 43rd place and back into the top 40 on the LAC.

On Sunday I spent a few moments in a carboot sale in a carpark near the Ouse in Lewes. I picked up a copy of EBTG's Amplified Heart for a pound - an early CD that only has the acoustic version of Missing and not the world-hit remix. I played most of it through to Sue as we trucked across the Sussex countryside.

Sue sent an e-m - I had mentioned to her that I was working on a song for her. I am up to 30 followers on Twitter - not because I am actively collecting them. I looked at my diary for the rest of April and I don t have anything apart from the F Frith gigs at Cafe Oto on 28 and 29 April .

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