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2011-04-11 - 8:28 p.m.

The Wire Salon was very popular with long queues to get in. There were five speakers addressing different aspects of Daphne Oram - the first woman to work in the BBC Radiophonic Studio. After that she left the BBC to set up her own studio and to work on an early form of synthesizer which has ended up in the science museum.

On Friday after lunch I took a couple of buses to Twickenham Station where I met up with Derek Ridgers. We walked down to the river opposite Eel Pie Island and settled outside the Barmy Arms. It was pretty crowded in the sun but good fun even so.

Saturday afternoon I took the tube to Wimbledon where I met Peter Crowther to drive down to Lewes. We met Sue and Cliff in an Italian restuarant and after eating set off to the venue where the East Sussex Bach Choir sang Brahms' German Requiem. The accompaniment was provided by four hands at a grand piano. The standard of performance was pretty good to my ears.

I stayed with Sue and Cliff and on Sunday morning Sue and I drove across to the A23 to her daughter, Cathy's, rented house to look after the two cats while she is away in Germany playing poker. The countryside was pretty with plenty of wild flowers. Later on Mike Sykes cycled over to the house to share a barbecue.

I stayed in Sussex a second night and today after a morning fiddling about on Sue's Bechstein grand piano I was driven to Lewes to catch the train to Victoria - then back to sort through a pile of e-mails.

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