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2011-04-05 - 8:04 a.m.

Rare vinyl here - I may still have my own vinyl copy - it has never been issued on CD.


As a teenager I tried to learn all these Jimmy Smith licks on the flute - and I still wish I could write like Oliver Nelson did in these arrangements. Grady Tate Richard Davis & Kenny Burrell are the rhythm section who drive like crazy. I suppose I think if I work through ON's patterns of improvisation some of it might rub off - he must have put the book together about the time he did these charts. There were a couple of messages from North Carolina about video art and tonality - also one from Achmad Ananda in Jakarta about the gear he uses - including Mesa Boogie - obviously pretty serious. Also making some arrangements with Cathy B. I tried Elysian Fields and was pretty impressed - they are still going and have a following in Europe. They have collaborated with J Zorn. We have inched up to 36 in London Alt.chart on RN. I dont really want to do any more mailing until there are new songs in the library. I also tried Mazzy Star and was less taken by them. There is a picture of Christine and Gilbert gigging here:


The Linkedin jazz discussion has a lot of very experienced players in it.

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