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2011-04-02 - 11:09 a.m.

43 on the London Alt.chart on RN - maybe I will mail out some tunepaks today. This is the latest versio


Gilbert doesn t like the lute sound on Evening - I have put it towards the end. I have joined the Jazz Circle on Linkedin and put out the tunepak in a discussion but this doesn t seem to have made much impact. I have met Mike who is a sax-player who uses EWI. He has a lot of kit - and uses the Akai. He spent a lot of time as a pro in the US - listening to his work he has a very modern sax sound. He was in the US for nearly 30 years and has now moved back to the West Midlands . I have also met Guido who teaches jazz gtr in Holland. I wrote to him about Careless Love which he has put up on Youtube and I mailed him a tunepak too. We had a discussion about what jazz is these days.

I sent Gilbert three tunes last night. One in particular he reacted to - which I see as being after the Impressionists or maybe Holst.

PW has been teaching a Russian helicopter pilot for a month but has now finished. I have been sending him lots of Sundays lyrics which remind me of his early work - no reaction to this suggestion as yet. I especially like Reading Writing etc and Static and Silence. I have to write something this w-e for Electrolux.

I have also been listening to Olivia Block who was on at CO this week - I am sorry I missed it but it was the evening after the Camden venture.

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