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2011-03-31 - 11:46 a.m.

I went to a jazz club in a basement bar in Camden last night to hear Platonic Curry. It was only 4 to get in. The first band on were a power trio with a lot of virtuosity - esp from the guitarist who played a left hand white strat. They played a lot of their own material but they also did Giant Steps. PC were up next - they comprise Penny on vocals, the leader on alto and soprano saxes plus keybds, gtr bass and drums. There was a dep on guitar. They do all their own material. The frontline rather outshone the back-line. The saxplayer is very fluid and Penny's classical training means that she handles difficult lines with ease. She has mentioned that she worries that this background hampers her style - but I really couldnt hear that. I liked the bits where she rang with/against the sax.

The house-band, Myoyu were next - a four piece with gtr as a lead instrument - in this case a Les Paul supported by keybds, bass and drums. The bassplayer had a P-bass played trough quite a small combo but it had a great funky sound. I thought Myoyu's writing was very good esp the changes of tempo in mid-piece. Finally Myoyu opened up a jam session where anyone could get on the stand - I rather regretted not having the D-horn - it was def D-horn music.

Today we are at 47 on the LAC and have returned to the Global Alt.hot chart at 42.

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