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2011-03-30 - 12:50 p.m.

We are still at 49 in the London Alt.chart but it s clear there s a big difference between promotion days and the rest. I played through my selection of TT songs on Grooveshark followed by the Sundays. I am nuts about My Finest Hour.

We are up to 59 fans on RN and over 200 unique listeners - 1125 visits and on the way to 1900 plays. Probably not everyone who visits plays a track - and hopefully lots of people play more than one or come back to try some more. I added a few comments to the Philosophy Network on LI - mainly about science and meaning - a field where I know a certain amount, or is that science and lack of meaning? I mailed KSt-JB and discovered that she has just finished her Master's thesis

There are a lot of bass sounds to chose from - the GS set plus all the DLS ones and then the ones on the Minimoog and the ARP. Then there s the issue of how the bass walks or runs the harmonies or skips them altogether


This Tunepak has all six new pieces - at numbers 10,12,17,21,22,23 - Sign Now, Add One, Tribal, Carrier, Grid and Blanker. We think we're improving. I find it hard to adjust to the rate at which the pieces appear but this is hardly a cause for grumbling. There is a limit on length set by RN which somewhere over 4mins.

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