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2011-03-28 - 6:54 p.m.

Today there was a pay-off for all the mailing - back into the LAC at 49 and up in the Hot Alt. Chart to 14 which I think is our highest ever. We won t have either of those tomorrow but even so it s great while it lasts.

Gilbert came back from the seaside yesterday and recorded 3 tracks. I mixed 3 tunes from the first 2 tracks and they have gone into the library - as Tribal, Sign Now and Add One. It s strange that we get through the stuff so fast - esp as I deliberately try to hold back at times.

Mystic Pizza was on TV last night with a late 80s Julia Roberts. I had been to Cafe Oto and missed the last tube west but luckily I was able to get a Night Bus.

Rhys Chatham was preceded by Ex Easter Island Heads who play guitars with soft beaters - also adding cymbals and trumpet.

RC played trumpet into a mass of footswiches - I was sitting right in front so I had a better chance to see what was going on. There were three volune pedals which went into a switching device and the then into three separate delay lines. These fed into what looked like a stack of pre-amps and then into his mixer which fed the house PA.

He did two trumpet tunes which were composed in Feb, The first was about a cluster of notes which sounded to me like G A and B - I quite liked that one. But the second was more abstract and less to my taste although I read somewhere that he follows a path indicated by Don Cherry.

RC used to be Lamont Young's piano tuner. I was expecting him to get some of the crazy harmonic reinforcements that I heard from the LMY ensemble of cellos and muted trumpets. I also though there could be some Alvin Lucier precision of slight pitch variations from a single note. Neither of these appeared.

Lastly he played a piece as a request called Out of Tune Guitar - and it was.

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