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2011-03-23 - 2:24 a.m.

Gilbert gave the thumbs up on three of the new tracks. One of them needs to be remixed including cut down to 8MB so that it can be loaded on RN. I loaded them and started mailing to likely subjects on LFM. This technique worked well again and by the end of the day there were some 60 plays registered on LFM whereas yesterday there were only about five. There was also a good piece of written feedback.

There are still a few pieces in development and I rather suspect a few that have slipped down the cracks.

I found video-jam by accident but there's some good stuff there like this:


Miss M with WS doing the fills on soprano and this very early TV appearance


I played through a track from For the Roses and thought how Dick J might be onto something about this being one of the best. There are some great relics on Youtube - recordings from a tour of UK folk clubs in 1967 for example. It s strange how when you look at the ones with vids it all looks so long ago while the music comes straight through as fresh as tomorrow.

Another surprising aspect is that some of the covers are very well executed - but the songs selected are sometimes from the less 'popular' middle and late albums.

Talking of old tunes the Bear pulled up a GI/IC track from 2003 which was prompted by the start of the Iraq War - I thought it was OK.

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