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2011-03-21 - 7:01 p.m.

I have been in Brill for a couple of days. Some of the time the sun shone and the countryside looked great.Some quite rare birds in the garden. On Saturday Paul and I went into Thame and I bought a Skype headphones/mic assembly. There is a new gtr shop in the town which sells Gretsch - not at all common. It also has a vintage side which I looked up on the net and includes some very appealing items.

Bette has become an agent for the forthcoming local elections and on Sunday we drove over to Aylesbury so she could see one of the candidates. He lives in wierd estate on the outskirts - which tries to look like it was built in 1890 instead of 1990.We had supper in the Thatch in Thame - my food was exceptional.

This morning Paul drove me to Heathrow - he was flying to Frankfurt to work for a French auto parts firm. This afternoon I mixed three of Gilbert's tracks and then used one of these to make a fourth piece. I also started on another piece.

Since our peak at 48 at the LAC we have been gradually slipping back. I hope these four new pieces which are ready to go can be part of the next push. They are quite abstract.

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