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2011-03-18 - 4:20 p.m.

Tuesday evening it was Cafe Oto for the Wire Salon on Kraftwerk. Rob suggested we eat in another cafe and this turned out to have the Vortex Jazz Club on the 1st floor. Dalston is turning into the jazz suburb of London. The Salon turned out to be mostly about image and iconography.

On Wednesday I went to the Engine which is an agency not far from Oxford Circus and the BBC. It was another Creative Industries KTN workshop - this time on data driven innovation. Lots of the people at the first workshop decided to come back for the 2nd. The Engine's meeting rooms are very futuristic. The food and drink was good and the company excellent.

We have got up to 48 in the Rn London Alternative Chart and it looks like we might sit there for a while, I posted two more tunes this week. I haven t been mailing out any more Tunepaks - I expect this will be needed to move us higher again.

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