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2011-03-14 - 8:45 p.m.

The four new pieces still sound quite good. On the RN chart we are back at 56 which is about as high as we have managed to climb. I have tried some more mailing to LFM members who seem to have appropriate tastes - that has taken us up to 50 plays today and perhaps that will be enough to push as higher in the charts.

Soundcloud sent an email which led me to the part of their site where samples are available to download. One such sample was quite easily transformed into a piece. I also completed the piece that was based around the unused part from yesterday. Gilbert has been mixing Meander in Lille today.

I have joined Twitter in order to feed material into the firm's Twitter stream. It is quite difficult to make something sensible out of the 140 characters when half or more of the space is taken up with a URL.

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