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2011-03-13 - 3:43 p.m.

Last night at the Q Club Charles played a Pat Metheny tune using the chorus on his amp which is a Roland Jazz Chorus 70 watt. It sounded very good - chorus can vary a great deal and some sound dreadful. I think this must be the first time in decades that I have heard Charles use this. He normally plays with no effects at all.

Gilbert sent over four tracks. We selected three mixes from these which are now up in the Rn library. In addition I took a xylophone part and trippled it adding some synth bass and electronic drums. So there are a total of 40 tunes now up. Here s a Tunepak with the new ones near the beginning:


I am working on a piece made up of a canon on one of the organ parts that Gilbert did for Thirds - the one that didnt end up in the library.

Reverbnation isnt updating from yesterday's results properly. There were just under 50 plays thanks to my mailing round LFM. But the mechanism wont add these in to the totals and recalculate the Band Equity. So I can t see whether this was enough to push us up the charts.

Currently I feel fairly good about the four new tunes - there s one that Gilbert seems to like particularly.

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