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2011-03-10 - 9:43 p.m.

Suddenly we are hot again - we are at 22 in the Global hot alternative RN chart - and I just love it. I agree I am old enough to know better.

Today I met Chris at the Groucho - he was late. I had been reading the PM article on the tube - I like Robin's stuff and mine sandwiched round Scott's. John G mailed to say he would buy the book.

We went off to an Italian that Chris knows. The meal was a succession of small plates - new to me but very good fun. It reminded me of the late 80s where I hand a lot of money to spend which led to some great lunches.

Then back to the Groucho to meet a writer - and we kept on drinking. I can see the case for becoming a mmember - it s just fun.

Chris and I shared classes in the 6th form. We talked about our delinquent children and how we had been led astray. Chris is in the middle of adapting a children's story for radio 4. I would love to do some music for one of these ventures.

Andrew K has asked for some sounds for one of his songs. That suits me well.

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