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2011-03-08 - 12:40 p.m.

I made a piece yesterday using the Minimoog and the ARP plus the Zoom. On the Mm I used the sequencer with the arpeggiator which created an out of time pattern - against that I put on some long notes with the ARP. After I had loaded it into SMS I speeded it up added some beats and some low notes on the organ towards the end. Now today I am wondering if it s finished. #

Gilbert has two gigs coming up - with Christine P and Meander. I can afford to spend a little time before I send this piece and the strange one I did on Sunday.

Tunepaks are working again thank goodness. There s one here


Monday was very good for Rn plays and not bad for visits - but we still couldnt stabilise the band equity. It seems most of our plays are coming from inside Rn. I have mailed out the tunepak in then hope of building some volume once again on that channel.

I have put a couple of tracks on Soundcloud - this is a very classy platform - some people say material sounds better on it. I have no desire to build a following there, I really just wanted to try it out. TT is there too.

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