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2011-03-07 - 3:36 p.m.

I exchanged a few thoughts with Jon Cole this morning - about White Unicorn - the band we were in together 68-9. It is mentioned in the Pink Moon Files, a new collection from the 90s fanmag which Jason Creed has brought together into an excellent book. A copy arrived today with a message from him which certainly brightened the day up. It occurred to me after the e-m exchange that Jon might be a good person to link into the IT-PM project. Katharine StJ-B rang to discuss the project and agreed that she would be on our expert panel. I mailed Peter and Karol about this.

The Rn chart has not been moving in the right direction although yesterday was a good day for visits and plays. We are still not far behind Depeche Mode. I wrote to Rn yesterday because I can't create Tunepaks any more. All I have is this playlist: <


Some old skool frenz mailed after I sent something round about the PM files - Clive from France and Chris W who suggested we meet next Thursday in the Groucho Club. It is literally decades since I got an invitation like that.

A lot of pieces got sent to Gilbert this weekend. I have a drone piece that sounds a bit under VU influence that I am letting mature. It is called Nibble which is an awful part-pun.

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