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2011-03-05 - 10:00 a.m.

I have the house to myself so there s plenty of opportunity to work on pieces. There are 5 new pieces in the Rn library. The opener is beat music in which I play gtr and Gilbert does the flutes. I have alos started making tracks by using the sequencing on the Minimoog and then against that free-forming on the ARP and recording the whole lot on the H1. This is a very fast technique indeed.

I have learned how to post docs onto the Wiki that Peter has set up on public sector IT. There is a good blog entry from Chris Yapp on how the Web 2 bubble may be about to burst and this refers onto a McKinsey article about Web 2 and the networked enterprise. I had a debate on this yesterday on Linkedin with a Prof from Roumania.

We are going to have to work to move ahead on Reverbnation - this is clear as I gradually work through the formula they use for Band Equity. It s easy enough to get plays but you need a lot of visitors too. On BBC2 tonight about 9 20 pm they discussed a novel which featured a black dog and sure enough in the background there was that music. I recorded some flute and some gtr on the H1 and also wrote a lot of piano music. I suppose I just like the sound of that softsynth. I found a version of Summertime with JM and HH - it is so together - HH's piano solo is especially good and JM's phrasing is very fresh. I have 345 links on Linkedin. We are stranded at 57 on the LA chart but that is only a few places below Depeche Mode which is surprising. I liistened to the bands above us - they look very professional.

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