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2011-03-03 - 2:40 p.m.

I am working on a piece that is taking a while to finish off. The file itself is becoming rather unstable which doesn t help. On the London Alternative Chart we have climbed up to 56 and the day of this move made us very hot - we were on the Global Hot Alternative Chart at 14. But it is very hard to stay hot - it seems to be something that happens in bursts.

Yesterday I spent the day in a workshop on co-design at the Brand Museum which is in Notting Hill about 10 mins walk from the Circle Line station. It was run by the Technology Strategy Board and the other participants were a particularly varied bunch. There was a speaker from the Guardian who talked about the clever methods that they use to present large volumes of data. It was very impressive indeed. Then there was a talk about futurology from Chris Yapp that was just amazing. We also had exercises to do. In one of these I was selected as the customer - I wanted some way of knowing when the bus was due when I was planning to go out. I wanted to be able to walk to the bus stop so that I arrived just before the bus and cut out waiting around in the cold. We also did a futures exercise which will go into a the pot with the results from the other 4 workshops and will be published. I couldnt help thinking in terms of co-design in terms of co-composition. The bundle of printed material provided was very good but I have asked them how I can access Chris Yapp's slides.

There was a point I didnt get to make about dimension reduction techniques. I dont think these are given the attention they deserve.

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