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2011-02-19 - 6:16 p.m.

Gilbert and I completed and loaded four tunes into Reverbnation today. One of these was a development of a part that Gilbert created for one of the other three. We are at 95 on the London Alternative Chart at Rn. Just edging up a step at a time. We currently have 26 pieces in the Rn library and about the same number on the mailing list.

Gilbert and Christine had a good gig last night and secured a return booking.

I have a piece based on an Oliver Nelson Improvisation Pattern in development and also an uptempo thing at 150 bpm. Paul W mailed to say he liked AK's latest film.

I was going to hear Cathy Bell sing Bach's Magnificat in Feltham tonight but unfortunately she is still ill. She can't do amy engagements tomorrow either.

After so much piece making I got the bear up and he played LNY's Emily - born for the loom's desire. I have been listening to Rumer - I can't hear the LNY comparison but I think the Karen C link is quite valid. Good that Rumer has been to stay with B Bacharach.

Here s a test - who is the loanshark of bliss?

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