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2011-02-16 - 12:18 p.m.

The file with the first piece of Dan's that we tried has gone wrong - it keeps locking and it wont export the full mp3. Dan has few comments on the first mix and the only way forward is to reassemble the file from the components. The Small series took a further step forward with Small-2violas which also uses the gtr line from Saturday. Gilbert was gigging with Meander (to great acclaim) and so I only sent it on Monday. I pushed ahead with a harmonic idea that cropped up on Saturday and after some time to settle mailed it across.

There are now 21 pieces on Reverbnation.


and we are hovering outisde the top 100 on the London Alternative Chart.

Monday Tuesday involved two conferences in Church House near Westminster Abbey - one on European money for ICT developments and the other on business techniques for the NHS where my colleague Keith was presenting. I was on our stand and surprisingly out-going talking to delegates. Musical stimulus has been very rich with 5hrs of Parsifal on Monday afternoon/evening and a Wire Salon on the history of the Vocoder from the amazing hiphop critic David Tompkins from NYC. Today is a quieter recovery day looking at the piece that came as soon as I was back from the Wagner.

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