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2011-02-08 - 10:45 a.m.

I have been playing more B Jansch on GS - maybe I will get Black Swan from 2006. I have got the Edge of a Dream which is the one before from 2002. I have been using Tunepaks and mailing them to old links - even from the grammar school. I made a duet out of Gilbert's part for Waken and mailed it to him. I spoke a lot to Clive from IGS who lives between Lyons and Mont Blanc. I posted Dick Jones' philosophical piece on poetry reading on FB and also mailed it to some friends. Hearing Nicola I remember that I lifted part of it for an instrumental in Tintagel with DJ and IMac. A tooth started to play up. Mark G mailed about the supposedly plain e-m template from Rn. The bear played Riverman which was as good as ever. There was an e-m from C Wallis who is in the middle of writing a play. It is sad about G Moore who was in Thin Lizzy - maybe not the best version but that s hardly here or there. I mailed a lot of material to Peter C who has been out on his new Triumph. Old enough to know better do I hear? Caterina Au mailed from DC about drugs and ANT. I looked up the Old Triangle which was written by Dominic Behan for his brother's play. Episodes was fun as usual. Martin Z from factories for the future linked up.

Today I think Waken needs more work. Tony K signed on FB. I have written to Caterina in DC about Pfizer. Not many e-ms so far today. I am waiting for the Rn charts to update. I didnt get enough sleep last night.

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