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2011-02-07 - 5:07 p.m.

I found Alice's Wonderland by Bert Jansch on GS - folkblues this isnt but it s a magnificent tune. I tried to watch the Chinese film on Saturday night but I know I struggled with the plot of the film it inspired set in Boston so I didnt really have a chance with the original. I switched over to a fairly daft film about a Jewish girl in North London .Gilbert sent material for Wake and Waken and I sent him back some mixes. Then he changed the instrument on one track - and the final mixing remains to be done. Maybe another piece can be developed from this stuff. There was some useful material on Linkedin on Managing Change. I was asked to join Skillpages and I did. Can we hold 251 on the LA charts? Smokey River is great too - also Casbah which I suppose must come from DG. Veronica is just breath-taking. I always thought that BJ's version of The First Time Ever took things to a new level.

I played some recent BJ as well - not the same. Christine who sings with Gilbert liked Xsara and sent me a FB message. I watched Wallander of course. Today I have been mailing old skool frenz the Tunepak - it seems to work OK. I have sent Gilbert a new mix of Waken and made a start on a duo with the vibraphone part. Dutch Uncles are on tour with the son of Chris Wallis. Lots of material about IT project management.

We have gone up the alternative charts a bit more.

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