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2011-01-31 - 10:15 p.m.

Gilbert and I completed four tunes at the weekend - quite a lot of string sounds, piano and marimba including the first ON pattern. I need to review this stuff - my initial reaction was very positive. Some of it sounds like incidental music for a thriller. I listened to Vanessa Daou on GS - a good selection of material. I tend to like her backings but wish she would not stick so closely to chanting the lyric. There was a message from Detroit. It was funny last night on Gavin and Stacey at the barbeque when they all broke into There is a Light that Never goes out. The Wire posted on FB that Milton Babbitt had died at the age of 94 - I dont know his music other than by reputation as an arch modernist and pioneer of computer music - he has been compared to Boulez. I also liked the low budget film last night about the Irish singer songwriter and the Czech piano player in Dublin. Vanessa Daou sent me an e-m about her latest release of remixes. There s a link to a music streaming site. There's a video here


I am enjoying the comedy serial, Episodes with Stephen Mangan and Tasmin Grieg.

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