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2011-01-25 - 7:24 p.m.

I had a brief chat with AK about the Minimoog - the one that was at his school . I am getting drawn into this instrument as an alternative to the guitar. It is a combination of the sequencer, the arppegiator and the delay module which jointly generate harmonic textures. The arppegiator takes a lot more notes than I originally thought. The Oliver Nelson jazz book arrived - there is a historical aspect to my interest in this. I think the book was first published in 1966 - ON died in 1975 - and I am hoping it is oriented towards post-bop and freebop. I mailed off a slightly filmic piece to Gilbert - I am not sure I like and I wont be surprised if it doesnt fire his inspiration. Wire on FB keeps sending out material. I looked at the Wikipedia article on service innovation which I thought was good. I listened to the Wire stream of Matthew Shipp - I liked the solo piano pieces more than the trio. Babylon Sisters by SD is new to me. I mailed Vita's site to Penny S. I mailed Penny L about Lambert's speech. I finally got my tax return sent off - I think they owe me some money. I started to revise a piece from yesterday. Sounds like there is trouble at the mill.

I found a demo of Stoned Soul Picnic on GS - at least that s what it was but it sounded fine to me. I am up to 240 connections on Linkedin. Dr Z mailed about Columbus as a writer - and compared him with Julius Caesar. I loaded GS with Miss M. A voice calls out the numbers and it sometimes mentions mine. I joined the Innovation Excellence group on Linkedin and sent Paul W and Peter C a McKinsey report about innovation that was offered there.

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