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2011-01-24 - 1:53 p.m.

It was very quiet on Outlook. I mailed 3 tunes to Gillbert - including one which is just a few additions to his organ part. I started another which took the dramatic turn of a modulation from I12 in C to I12 in F. Got to start somewhere and in fact this started with some harmonies I put together on the U2 last night. I sent an article on project management Martin. Dr Z mailed a general argument on OOO which I sent on to Laurence. There was an e-m from Detroit. The bear was reasonably alert - he pulled up some Gil Scott Heron and some Robert Hood - also a wonderful song with Dorris Henderson and John Renbourn. Last night I watched some of Bright Young Things - the bit about the party in the bin.

The bear played a section from a Lachenmann SQ which made me remember I hadnt bought them. I went on Amazon and discovered that the Arditti's recording is no longer available. I found that it was on Download Everything but I couldnt easily see what this service offered for 5 dollars. I looked up Kings Island near Tasmania. Peter S mailed some useful feedback on the firm. Dr Z watched some deer and a vulture in an Indian zoo. I mailed Mike something about the Ford Figo - which is also made in India. I applied to go to a launch on Thursday evening and surprisingly got an acceptance. FB Wire offered adventures in modern music as a download.

"The Merry Barracks"
from Deerhoof Vs Evil

"We Want To Weave A Pattern"
from Western Lands

Martin Kippenberger
"Bang Bang"
from Musik 1979–1995
(Edition Kröthenayn)

"Bang Bang"
from Live Four: Prague/Vienna Autumn 2002
(Threshold House)

Miki Yui
from Magina

Kawaguchi Masami's New Rock Syndicate
from Another Side Of New Rock Syndicate

"Four More Years"
from RIP
(Northern Spy)

Christoph Heemann
Side One
from The Rings Of Saturn

Aaron Novik
"Hitler 1945"
from Floating World Vol 1
(Porto Franco)

Little Annie
"Third Gear Kills"
from Soul Possession

Creative Recording And Sound Services
"Our Wedding"
from The Crassical Collection: Penis Envy

Welimir Chlebnikow
"Futurist Foot Soldiers"
from Historische Aufnahmen/Historic Recordings

Joji Yuasa
"Music For A Cenotaph For Industrial Victims"
from Obscure Tape Music Vol 12: Joji Yuasa Miniatures Of Concrete Works
(Edition Omega Point)

Eliane Radigue
"Elemental 1: Air – Vent"
from Jouet Electronique/Elemental 1
(Alga Marghen)

"Let's Dance The Jet"
from Deerhoof Vs Evil

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