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2011-01-23 - 7:57 p.m.

The plan to hear Charles play jazz came unstuck at Vauxhall where I discovered I had lost my cash-card probably last Sunday on the way to Gfd - so I turned round and came back home to watch the comedy awards - mostly won by Miranda Hart. On the way home I stopped at the Polish shop for a couple of cans of Bud. Today I cancelled the card and was able to check that it hadnt been used since I last used it. I mailed Charles to aplogize for not making it to the gig. There seem to be three abstract pieces on the go mostly using WAVs created on the Minimoog. I have done my tax return - all I need now is to send it in. E-ms have been pretty sparse today although there was one from Jonathan in the UAE. I have mailed an abstract piece to Gilbert.

The bear just pulled up a Ligeti prelude - I had mentioned these pieces to Narelle. Paul B phoned yesterday - he is going to Paris this week. Gilbert has blown up his Zoom H4 but luckily it is covered by insurance. Of course I had to watch Withnail and I - it would be nice to be word perfect.

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