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2011-01-19 - 9:20 p.m.

The bear had an outbreak this morning - Nico's 60/40 followed by On My Way Home - early N Young - after which he had the nerve to show up and ask if I was listening. Too much cheek and I ll stay with the shark. Dr Z mailed about a new book on Heidi and BLT which I couldnt track down online. I found some good stuff on project and programme mgt - esp criticisms of the standard images of planning and control. I did a short piece on the Iscale using Dhorn, mixed it and sent it to Gilbert - maybe it s too random. The Sundays sang Wild Horses. I did an even more extreme remix and let that settle before sending it to Gilbert. I found that on FB you can listen to the Wire's Office Ambience. Fish and chips for supper. The bear managed to find a Marine Girls track and artfully followed it with North Marine Drive. He followed with Mariah Carey and then Qloops off 10+4 then Miss M coming in from the cold. Is my mojo working? Better check. I played the MGs on Grooveshark. An experimental piece developed. Gilbert liked the remix and mailed a part - then another three recordings.

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