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2011-01-18 - 9:03 p.m.

Dr Z is in India and reports that a sacred cow ate his corn on the cob. This morning I got up early to go to a meeting in Victoria St in the big new building on the north side at the station end. The firm I visited has enormous offices with workers sitting in lines in front of computer screens. The meeting went well and I sent 2 follow up e-ms when I got back. this all arises from some exchanges on Linkedin.

Yesterday I sent the third piece on the I-scale to Gilbert - he mailed today to say he likes it. He also sent a demo recording of one of his new songs - he managed to get a very novel sound from his female vocalist. Mark mailed from Calgary - he is returning to the UK on Thursday. Yesterday I got an e-m from an OS contact about Jonathan Lloyd who went to the school and became a composer published by B&H. I looked at a lot of new material from the AIM website also on the MIT LAI site. I watched a programme about the Iraqi marshes.

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