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2011-01-11 - 12:15 a.m.

Gilbert mailed to say he liked the mix on Contours - I had doubled his strimg bass line up the octave with the backing track a fair way back. I couldnt find the copy of Test that I mailed Gilbert - he has approved this mix as well. I asked Mark P about Alana and Eva Hesse - then I spent a long time looking for the stuff I wrote in the Sublime of the Small about her - eventually I found it in SOS1 in Diaryland. I wrote this text in Lycia maybe in 2005?

I played Jean Pierre Live also SV's Ludlow St - it s on the Lower East Side . This street is where the Velvet Underground recorded demos in 1965 which eventually ended up sounding very differemt on the 1st album. On one of those Lycian trips I met a woman from NYC who shared a gym with SV - I was well impressed. Ludlow St t is also where I failed to buy a cheap 2nd hand Fender junior gtr around 2002 - they are cheap no longer. Playing the Indian scale on the gtr is working well. Gilbert mailed the backing to Ambient which took so long to download that it timed out - the marimba part sounds great on its own. The mix of Test actually sounds pretty good at a decent volume - I wont spoil it by adding more. Gilbert may write a piece with the Indian scale which would be excellent. I went to see SV in the Warwick Arts Centre not expecting much and I got a pleasant surprise.

I played Nefertiti - a lot has been written about this track. Did MD mean it as a master? It gave Miss M the idea for Hejira's distinct sound. Then there's the version on the Joni Letters. I am wondering about a tuning on that I-scale - say lowering the A to G# and the D to C# - that would given an open E6 #9 which is a good chord to get for free. May be the D cd go to C which would give an augmented chord. I hope it isnt too cold in Brill. I dont usually use tunings. Actually doing the mix on Ambient was straightforward - Gilbert's marimba part is superb.

Vita and her luggage have arrived in Chile where her bf is working. I found all of Temperamental on GS - I love that atmosphere. Just in case here s the link to 10+4


Mark mailed to say that he liked the piece named after him. He mentioned the Calgary temperature as I was watching Ben Miller on that subject on BBC2. He used some Johnny Marr as incidental music. Ben Miller was also in the new comedy show with Tamsin Grieg. The new economic guru was on Newsnight


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