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2011-01-10 - 5:23 p.m.

Someone sent me an invitation to Chamber.com - it comes on quite strong but I can't tell if it delivers. Writing to Mark P I got into the issue of the overlap between the Indian scale and the octotonic. Only Bb and D aren't in the Indian scale - and Bb is a note Mark slips into the Indian scale. I am less clear about the status of D. The Indian scale is covered by the octotonic except for the tonic - C - which is quite an enticing state of affairs. The bear was around and quite creative - leaning in the direction of 60s jazz.

I sent Mark and Gilbert an mp3 of the piece that is currently called Mark. I also have sent mixes of two of the three items Gilbert sent yesterday - Contours and Test. Ambient is on the crippled laptop and getting it off will be an undertaking. I am rather hoping that mp3 I sent Gilbert will be good enough if he sends it back to me. It looks like Rob is up for PolyP in Kings X on Thursday which is great news. Paul B mailed about a visit to Brill tomorrow. There was an exchange with SKOPE on a set of reports from the Smiths Institute which cover manufacturing in each region - I got this lead from Linkedin. The bear showed up at lunchtime - the smell of the food I suppose. There was a message from Detroit. I watched some of Mark's vids.


and asked him to resend his wife Alana's artwork site. There was an intriguing invitation from the Big Society.

Some interesting new plans were launched here:-


The bear turned up again about teatime and then he disappeared so I switched to Grooveshark. I played the original Yardbird Suite recording. We played this at Nick Brown's memorial event in Corpus Christi chapel - I think this might well be my last public appearance.

I listened to side 2 of Jack Johnson whereas I normally do side 1 - side 2 is as brilliant too.

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