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2011-01-09 - 6:05 p.m.

It was a sunny afternoon so I got the bear out of his lare. He kicked off with At 17 which I think won a Grammy - quite right too. Then some John Taverner. Talking to Mark yesterday led me to an Indian scale which is like two parts of a harmonic minor - F minor starting at C - and then C minor starting on G. I think this may be the scale that Imac had in mind when talking about Horn. I fiddled around with this scale a little on the guitar and then launched into a piece on SMS. This didnt take long. The scale has two semitone steps adjacent. There is the leading note into the tonic and then the initial half step from C to Db. The scale supports both Cmaj7 and Dbmaj7 but the next chords are wierd - an Em6 and then a Fm #7 then a G7-5 and an Abmaj7+5 and finally a Db7 with a Cbb in the root. The piece I made steps up a semintone - getting round these harmonies on a Db version of the scale will be no joke. It needs some tidying up - maybe I should try some Dhorn on it? There was a message from Detroit and lots of comments about Derek in Las Vegas.

The bear also pulled up For What It's Worth which I havent heard in a while - the way the different guitars orchestrate the piece is good. I enjoyed Lonesome Jim last night on C4 - it was pretty entertaining once one adjusted to the style and pacing. The bear gave up so it was over to Grooveshark with the usual suspects. Masqualero Live in Rome was great - I can see what the point of On the Corner is now. I found some live Little Feat. I had a chat on FB with Mark about the piece. There was a debate on Linkedin about a scheme Peter C mentioned yesterday over lumch. Cassandra Wilson sang the Waters of March which is a really wonderful song - you can't tell if it is a tragedy or the joy in your heart is meant to carry you forward.

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