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2011-01-08 - 9:56 p.m.

The HP offers 64 bit Explorer plus another option which could be the 32 bit. I have discovered that the bear only talks 32 bit - and there are plenty of other sites with the same quirk. I got him up early this morning and he had the nerve to show up after about 30 mins to see if I was still listening, However he did pick out Linda Perhacs who sounded just amazing esp for 1970. Just as well as there was some hard news in the morning mail. Dont send me no more letters no - not unless you mail them from Desolation Row.

I read D A Brook's book on Grace on the tube on the way to Soho Squ, I was really impressed. I met Peter C as planned in the Squ and we went to the Pillars of Hercules just up the road from the old Les Cousins in Greek St - we drank Adnams. Then we walked round to Ronnie Scott's and went into an excellent English restaurant just opposie. The food was extremely good, the house red was OK and they didnt hassle us out. I d certainly go back there again. There was a lot of follow-up action arising from our discussion.

I chatted to Mark Pavey in Calgary via FB - we talked about scales and also about JCF songs. He suggested this site


He left to jam with some local musicians. QI was amusing on duck copulation. I chatted to Derek in Las Vegas - soon he will be driving to LA (how lucky is he?) and he has a model booked for a shoot. I told him how much my friends appreciate his work. I watched Lonesome Jim which grew on me and mixed a piece I thought was beyond saving. I did send to Gilbert and was able to load it inro Outlook in the normal way.

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