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2011-01-04 - 8:00 p.m.

A set of very strange dreams including travelling around Central Asia and being back in Cambridge. The first J Buckley I bought was the EP Live from Sine. I see that this has expanded into a full length CD - I tried a few tracks from it with GS - it is very tempting because of the view provides of his singing and guitar playing. Today has been a day for picking up the threads such as they are. Laurence phoned and we talked about Coalition initiatives and Porter's latest thoughts relayed by BBC World Service. Tony mailed about an outbreak of official stupidity in his final month of Govt service. Keith mailed about a project to review industrial policy. Charles Alexander linked on Facebook.

After lunch I caught a bus along the Great West Rd to PC World. Initially I thought of getting a Dell laptop but it turned out that although one was on display none had yet arrived in stock-room. I asked them to suggest a similar machine and they pointed to a HP which was featured in the sale. I bought 3 year's insurance cover plus Norton and Microsoft Office plus a set up. The machine has to be picked up tomorrow, I read some of Dr Z's book on my travels. AK is on Radio Wey tonight.

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