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2011-01-03 - 4:41 p.m.

The Lacan e-journal sent an interesting article on Wagner http://www.lacan.com//thesymptom/?page_id=899

It concludes that W's message is existential failure - I thought AK and M Naughty might like this. I put GS onto the London Comnversation version of Don't Think Twice and some other old faves - Pretzel Logic in the Two Against Nature version which sounded less funky than the original. BTW Skunk Baxter was on Blues Brother 2000. Was it bad news when The Movies were dubbed the UK Steely Dan? Was this a feasible position post punk? Of course post punk we didnt actually have the concept of post-punk to guide us - it was only formulated after the event in the 90s and beyond to explain what some contemporary bands were going back to. I also like International Geophysical Year - lovely mild irony and what a delicate groove. AK mailed to say his mother has been taken ill. Dr Z mailed about the Baltic States. There was a 30 min edition of the Archers. I never heard Aja before even though it sold 5m copies. I read more about Steve Gadd. The Sorceror has to be one of MD's greatest ever albums. I tried my hand at some philosophy of maths on Linkedin - risky.

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