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2011-01-03 - 10:32 a.m.

Via GS a BW remix of the Lullaby of Clubland - this drifted into another remix and then another jazzier one with a new set of piano changes. I found a para on a blog about our music master and mailed it round to the Old Skool list one of whom I have just linked in with. Jonathan mailed in response from the UAE and I sent him the link to Derek's new book - also the the GI-IC page on LFM.


I listened to the SS2 remix which I like and also Symphony - both pretty smooth productions I think. I can get a grip on the start and the finish of 10+4 - the middle needs some thought in terms of me knowing what we are about. I found an Old Skool theatrical producer who agreed to join the OS circle. Also a St Ives painter from the OS on Linkedin. I mailed his site to Vita as he had taught at Falmouth.

Eventually I got my laptop working and had a go at tidying the lastest piece - I'm not sure it should finish at just 2 mins. Then I woke the bear up - he semed to be in a light folky mood at first . Then he pulled up Bark - which sounded quite good at that length - to keep me on by toes next up was Russian trip-hop fb Norwegian Space-Disco. Give Me A Reason was as excellent as ever. An exchange of e-ms took place over historical atrocities and first hand contacts. Th bear pulled up Morton Feldman's Why Patterns which I was a first for me. There's a review of a performance of that piece here:


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