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2011-01-01 - 9:49 p.m.

Just another GS day to end 2010 - but oh I did enjoy That Song About the Midway. In fact a lot of Clouds was rather better than I remembered. I found AK on FB - also Mark G. I mailed UAE about classic Dylan. Dr Z said New Year's Eve was quiet in Nicosia. I linked with Mark Pavey on FB. I saw Harriet Walter was made a Dame.

The first morning of 2011 was S Denny plus some Miss M - Conversation which I had forgotten about. A welcome message from Detroit. Should I be assessing 2010? I found my way back here - but rather more superficial daily writing than up to Spring 2007. Gilbert and I exchanged e-ms dedicated to more collaboration in 2011. Various contributions from the Old Skool including one from the person I bought a Rosetti Airstream III from - I wonder what happened to that guitar? Miles of Aisles - from 1974, the Court and Spark tour with the LA Express.

Today went to Marjorie's for lunch - it was a vension casserole that tasted very good indeed, preceded by smoked salmon and sparkling wine and followed by trifle. We watched the C4 programme about the local comic hero again - still quite interesting.

For some reason I cannot fathom the introduction to Cello Song cropped up in the middle of the documentary about Eric and Ernie. 2011 is a prime number - the next one will be 2017. The Blues Brothers 2000 later on.

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