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2010-12-31 - 12:49 p.m.

The laptop has found a new way to malfunction - the power has become intermittent. There is hardly any alternative to getting a new one now, I suspect. I made a tune yesterday, and I have been trying to improve but the intermittent disappearance of power has not made this any easier. Some New Year e-ms from old classmates. Dr Z mailed round a reviewer's summary and his rebuttal which I posted on one of my discussion pages on Linkedin. Dr Z has just got a journalistic position on a Chinese paper.

I think the possibility of meeting the shark in Grooveshark (if there is one) is reduced a lot by the control that GS gives you - there seems to be less for the putative shark to do. It s just to easy to search through one's selected favourites and line them up in a list to play. Today's examples were Cassandra Wilson, Astrud Gilberto, Karen Carpenter, Beth Orton and David Crosby. Derek was saying how much he liked the album, If Only I Could Remember My Name - and indeed it s been one of my favourites since it first appeared. There is a link between DC and MD which takes various forms not least Miles doing a DC song at the end of the 60s.

I have played through 10+4 to realise I don't really have a perspective on it - Didier has said he will do some vids for it. Derek mailed with a strong recommendation of the IPOD. Congratulations to R Thompson on the OBE.

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