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2010-12-24 - 10:10 p.m.

I went fishing online and found Vita's designer websites. Here is one


I sent some links to various friends and on the basis of that decided to join Facebook. It rather cleverly found straight away someone in San Diego who I am linked to on Linkedin. I need to find out about Grooveshark too. Sue mailed about her son who is working in NYC from 4 Jan. I listened to the Buzzin Fly stream. Sue also sent an elliptical comment on the 3 Violas piece from M Naughty. I listened to Carols from Kings with half an ear and did some ironing. Derek mailed suggesting a meeting between Christmas and the New Year. Dr Z mailed about a new book - details here


I also watched Kings' Carols on BBC2 plus the ghost story - Whistle and I'll Come to You - which had been tampered with. During the day I have been wondering about brushing up some blues licks on the U2. In fact I chose the U2 as my image on FB. There's quite a good discussion of it here:


The romcom on ITV with Kate Winslett and Cameron Diaz featured Surrey villages in the Godalming area. The film ended with Aretha singing the Sam Cooke song, You Send Me.

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