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2010-12-23 - 10:15 a.m.

There was a serious collapse of Outlook on my laptop and loads of saved messages seem to have disappeared. I can’t say yet how much valuable stuff has gone. Looking on the positive side, I think we have signed off YesNo and Twobasses – there’s a new version of Electro with a great piano part under consideration. I still think I want to use sine waves with the Twobasses’ MIDI lines although quite what will go with them is not clear just yet.

I got an Xmas e-m from the old school band that I went to see at the Kent fete in Summer – also a long note from Detroit. The bear was absent for most of the day and so I listened to 16 Dances a few times through but I didn’t get as far as a A Lucier. I sent a note to Oxford suggesting where they might start on a with a Japanese visitor. A good report on the learning organisation turned up from the OECD. I posted various items into Linkedin discussions. Eventually the bear showed up with Olive’s Curious. I started to play some gtr chord patterns from one of the two other octotonic scales . Gilbert mailed a revised version of Electro with recorder plus something for an older piece – Arpocto. Paul phoned and we pencilled in a date for a visit to Brill in mid January.

I listened to Melvyn Bragg on the industrial revolution on R4. Gilbert sent through copies of our post 10+4 approved pieces. The bear turned up and played Before Today. I think I might write something for the second octotonic scale.

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