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2010-12-22 - 12:15 a.m.

I hear James and Louise got back to the UK before the airports were disrupted so I sent him a text. I listened through the recent pieces – there is one I have sent which isn’t up to scratch plus one I haven’t sent.. I cant get the bear out of bed – maybe it’s the snow making him think it s time to hibernate. I played the first two books of Ligeti’s Etudes wondering if they would push me in any direction. I looked up Michael Best having eventually remembered his name as a theorist of competitiveness. The Ligeti didn’t inspire and so I moved on to Cage’s 16 Dances – the first record I bought in the US. It is one of Cage’s earliest experiments with chance methods – imusic with a lot of empty space. For some reason I don’t understand I have never properly got to know this music. I looked up the Future Agenda, backed by Vodafone, and mailed it to a couple of people.. There was a Christmas message from the Persian Gulf which I replied to. I played around with two basses trying other timbres and then by chance I recovered the development I did yesterday. After a lot of messing about I made an mp3 using the same notes but with sine waves – then I mixed the sines and the basses together making the sines a 5th higher. – or should it be a tritone? I went for the latter and mailed the result to Gilbert. I discovered that I still have Alvin Lucier’s Panorama.. Time for another disc clean-up. Gilbert sent three recordings for recent pieces – YesNo, Electro and Two Bass. I set the files up for mixing – probably best done in daylight. I sent a message to Detroit.

Dr Z has been busy – including a post which sets out the best places he has visited in the last decade. There are some other weighty philosophical items. I watched the Savoy programme and the Ray Davies profile. He did say that he wrote You Really Got Me on the piano – strange but true. Great film of early gigs. Then the Furtwangler film I did a first mix on YesNo and mailed it to Gilbert – his harp line is excellent.

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