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2010-12-14 - 8:24 p.m.

There was an item on the new Select Committee Report on the NHS this morning on Radio4. I tracked down the report on the Parliament website - I copied a section from near the end and sent it to a colleague at the works. It is an amazing critique of how badly the Coalition are handling their proposed changes to the NHS. Gilbert mailed about a piece I had sent him which uses all three synths in SMS - he likes the timbres which is good news as I thought maybe the traditional synth sounds might not be to his taste. Sue mailed about 10+4 and Gilbert's vids. She likes Quiet Thoughts. I have the place to myself but I think the hifi speakers may be the worse for wear for playing the U2 and Behringer through them. I messed around with something made from drones processed with the envelope facility. Paul W mailed about his current client. I mailed a few more thoughts about the evaluation of training on Linkedin - I am up to 171 links. It's a long while since I have been out of the house - in the cold. Tomorrow will be different as I am meeting a colleague in Belgravia for lunch. I listened to EBTG Amplified Heart via Works 3.

I worked up a further piece - its built around a four note patterm in the bass which with a rest makes a five but it's played against a syncopated groove in 4-4. I used some vague squeaky sounds from the ARP. I wondered about adding some bright guitar but I decided it was too difficult for me. After listening for a while I mailed it to Gilbert. I also sent the symthy piece to Detroit together with some questions about a Roland powered speaker unit. I watched the Frost detective programme on ITV.

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