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2010-12-11 - 1:09 p.m.

Dr Z mailed about his experience of snow in Paris which seems to have made a big impression and also about a sandstorm in Cairo. I looked at a new poem on Patteran Pages. I mailed the works about the current priority task. There was an e-m from Bath to which I replied immediately. I have an outstanding task which I am finding it difficult to get round to but I have at last despatched it. Laurence mailed about Lord Stern whose name I had forgotten and also about the responsibilities of the rich to the poor on a global scale. Someone posted on Linkedin about the Master-Slave Dialectic. The bear was erratic so I listened to Octave One – an album I am not sure about. The bear plays Somedays a lot and that usually sounds good. But it s not typical.

The piece that started on Thursday was finished and sent to Gilbert with a little guitar included and I reworked a fragment with a new gtr part which was also sent to Gilbert. I watched a bad thriller with Angelina Jolie and a pretty bad UK film about Irish religious extremism. I did some more tidying of the hard disc – always risky. Not much in the way of e-ms today except a link to the website of Paul Martinez who played bass with us in Ghosts for a while. Charles A mailed about a composition of a friend of his that is being launched for a childrens’ charity.

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