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2010-12-03 - 4:10 p.m.

Lots of e-traffic which always cheers me up. Also the chance to get on with a new piece in the light of the views of MD’s transitional phase between freebop and jazzrock. I have used WAVs from the brief Minmoog period – luckily I saved several. Yesterday’s piece started with the idea of Tony Williams’ four in a bar hi-hat – I wondered if this could replace the four on the floor kick drum. I also patched together some discards. I have started to put on weight again having lost a certain amount.

I have played the recent smooth jazz piece a lot but I had forgotten about the piece I did at the same time called Symbol. On top of that I now have 4 pieces on the go arising from raiding the discard file. I am wondering about using a portable digital recorder to capture notes from ARP softsynth which doesn’t have an inbuilt WAV recorder. Maybe life is too short to go without eg a ZoomH1 – and to put a toe fashionably into site recording?

I have put some more notes and queries into Linkedin – my new ploy. The new washing machine wont start and a service engineer has been summoned. The bear has been a bit flighty today. I was sorry to see Laura get fired on the apprentice. Dr Z feels he needs to take on Badiou on objects. Still snowing. I played Bitches Brew which is not really one of my favourites – I think John MacL is playing a SG. The bass clarinet adds a lot.

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