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2010-12-01 - 12:14 p.m.

The bear pulled up Buy and Sell off First Songs – a wonderful song I first heard Suzanne Vega do on the memorial album. He also chose Decameron from the first FC album – one of my favourites when that album first appeared. On Monday night I had to watch Miranda which was weirder than ever but still good fun – so much so that I watched the repeat on Tuesday night. I mailed Gilbert not including any of the current pieces. Having the workmen around is keeping me from my guitar. The NESTA Newsletter arrived.

Somehow I managed to disconnect the sound from the Minimoog from the output and try as I might I couldn’t get it back, I even downloaded the ARP from the same source to see how that was wired up but that didn’t solve it. The ARP has a larger variety of sounds it seems and is harder to drive but it doesn’t come with a WAV recorder. The Coalition’s Growth Review has been published which is a kind of White Paper but with a more participative slant in it. It doesn’t come across as very original on a first read through. This morning on the Mix Radio the bear pulled out Things Behind the Sun – I wonder if this song has ever been properly elucidated? Is it a summary?

Dr Z is still jet lagged in LA. The bear keeps playing Little One by Hhancock – not the MD version on ESP (the first MD album I bought) but the one where HH is the leader on his Maiden Voyage album with F Hubbard on trumpet. He has also picked out So Far Away by C King – no wonder that album is such a best-seller. He followed with North Marine Drive which I thought was insightful. Also Taeko Kunishima's To Be Scolded - an excellent title and a good tune.

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