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2010-11-28 - 9:40 p.m.

I had lunch today with someone who had been in WW2 in the British Army crossing Europe from D+6 to VE day all before he was 21 years old. This came up when I asked whether he had ever driven and he explained that he had driven jeeps in the army. After the war he stayed in the army going to Egypt and Libya. He said that the net effect of that time in combat zones was undiagnosed PTSD. We had both watched Downfall last night on C4 I had seen it before but it was as gripping as ever on the small screen. This morning Paul W mailed about The American Dream. Today I watched Emily Maiitlis on D Trump.

Lunch was an 85th birthday celebration with M which went on until 8pm. I sent the smooth jazz piece to Detroit. I have mailed James about the practicalities of dollar bank accounts. M is going to see Don Giovanni at the ENO tomorrow.

Dr Z has circulated a Youtube link to C Parker which I have fwded to Gilbert. I read some of Dr Zs book of essays on Speculative Realism today its ambitious stuff. Gilbert mailed to say that the Bird vid is good stuff I wish I could watch it. The Line6 still isnt behaving properly. Someone has left me a voicemail which I dont seem able to access.

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