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2010-11-27 - 7:40 p.m.

I always turn to AK’s diary on a Saturday. I was surprised to read this morning that he is going to stay silent for a while - I will certainly miss his commentary on his musical projects. I have trouble getting Youtube on this laptop so I won’t be able to keep up by looking at his video postings. I don’t particularly want to be the only active diarist on FZ but that isn’t up to me. Gilbert says his back is better and he has been working through the settings on his Line6. We are wondering about a pitch to get some stuff reviewed by the Wire and Gilbert has sent some biographical material. I have spent the day on a couple of pieces, the first built from segments created on the Minimoog with a little MIDI Dhorn added, the second inspired by a loop I found in the SMS contents. I will have to wait and see whether either are worth sending across. The second piece has Dhorn added via the line in – that way of adding material is so much easier than the MIDI recording. I have deleted a load of WAVs – I wonder how many of these I will regret losing?

The bear has just pulled J Browne’s Somebody’s Baby in the solo version with him playing piano – it’s a song I have been crazy about for years. I suppose it’s obvious when you hear it this way it was written on piano, The bear has also pulled up Silver Threads and Golden Needles by Fotheringay which I haven’t heard before esp as a slow waltz. The original Late for the Sky was another pick – this song nearly goes over the top but not quite.

Gilbert is having trouble getting his computer to recognise the Line 6. Dr Z is in LA and thinks it’s weird. I think the Rumer album is about to be released – I sent the BBC review to Paul W. That might make me register new credit card with Amazon. I think the smooth jazz tune has worked out OK.

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