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2010-11-20 - 7:42 p.m.

The laptop was getting full so I cleaned and defragged it. This gave me enough space to copy the Contents folder from the SMS disc to the laptop. Looking at the tunes in that folder I realised that a lot use DLS voices. I read in the manual about how to load these voices but I couldn’t get it to work in practice. I also noted that a lot of these DLS voices use very long notes and I cant find out how you write these in the MIDI editor. So I was a bit stymied. LFM have a new library facility – it comes under the heading Mix and is meant to represent more recent additions. Something else for the bear to try his hand at.

I decided I would try to load a new VST synth into SMS. I quite quickly found a free Minimoog and downloaded it. I spent a long time trying to make a link between SMS and the synth. Finally it dawned on me that there was a recorder on the Minimoog which meant that I could record sequences and then upload them into SMS and play around with them. The Minimoog makes a wide range of sounds and will definitely expand the sound palette. I have made a simple piece using a Mmoog patterns and sent it off to Gilbert to see if it strikes any chords.

Dr Z has been on holiday in Kenya which explains why he hasn’t been blogging but he is back now talking about all the animals he has seen. No posting from AK today but there was an e-m from the Detroit area.

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